In the 19th century, the scene of the great Italian explorers found its most dynamic and enterprising territory in Brianza, both for the coordination activity carried out at Villa Camperio in the Municipality of La Santa (today Villasanta), and for the local flourishing of companies and businesses with a strong international vocation. By Brianza we mean that part of Lombardy - roughly triangular in shape and populated since prehistoric times - which has the cities of Como, Lecco and Monza as its vertices. It is bordered to the west by the Seveso stream (collector of the Lambro river) and to the east by the Adda river, extending to the first foothills of the Prealps.

The word" Brianza ", regardless of its etymological meaning, in the last two hundred years has evoked a series of elements linked on the one hand to the peculiarities of its territory, on the other to the use made of it, on the other to characteristics, with a substantially positive meaning, of its inhabitants.

Land of mulberries and silkworms, but also of excellent (and even exported) silkworm growers; land of delightful villas and splendid gardens, but also of wise peasant-gardeners who made Brianza the "garden of Lombardy"; land of tireless workers, perhaps a little stingy and savers (not mean!), but also the best in giving life to associations in all economic sectors; land of people, to conclude, that in the space of three generations has passed from the land to the factory, from the factory to its own workshop, and from this to the company capable of exporting refined furniture, wooden and plastic chairs all over the world, screws and bolts of all shapes and sizes, clothes and cured meats, handles and computers, products of always recognized excellence.

In the last hundred years it has been created a Brianza economic system whose characteristics and strength lie in the success of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a widespread diffusion throughout the territory, with a great ability to adapt to market demand and with a dense system of interrelationships.

The "Brianza system", as it was called, means great attention to product quality and it is this quality that has marked the success in the world of "made in Brianza", a quality that is often the result of a happy combination of high technology and a mentality that has its roots in the best artisan tradition ".

Domenico Flavio Ronzoni 

("La Brianza, una terra da scoprire" - Bellavite editore)