membership to the Explorers House


This Memorandum of Understanding aims to start a participatory process that leads to a coordinated but non-binding collaboration (depending on the different legal status of the subscribers) with the platform "Casa degli Esploratori" (Explorers House), conceived by the Cultural Association Gaetano Osculati to enhance territorial excellences and talents, in relation to the history of Italian exploration;


on December 14, 2012, in the civic hall of Villa Verri in Biassono (Monza Brianza), the Cultural Association Gaetano Osculati was officially established - with its registered office in street Pisacane 14 in Biassono - whose primary purpose is the rediscovery and enhancement the history of Italian exploration;

on September 9, 2019, at Villa Borromeo d'Adda in Arcore (MB), in view of the national and international recognition obtained over the years by the Association for its cultural initiatives, the municipal administration of Arcore approved the sponsorship of the project called "House of the Explorers";


the project "Casa degli Esploratori" (Explorers House), a launching platform for excellence and local talents, as well as an incubator for the activity of its members, is an emanation of the Cultural Association Gaetano Osculati's Statute, is divided into 5 areas and includes:


  • Recovery of the documentation and historical publications produced by the explorers through the local, regional and Italian Geographic Society archives;
  • Selection of the profiles of the most significant and functional figures for the enhancement of Italian excellence, showing the current legacy of the explorers and the potential for bilateral exchanges;
  • Development of a unified online archive, by connecting in a single network of the different operational realities on the Italian territory. International contacts can thus have a single point of reference to submit or develop collaborative projects;


  • Identification of national and international representatives to enhance the historical-cultural links between the respective communities, starting from the contacts established by the explorer of reference;
  • Start-up of twinning initiatives, organization of biographical shows, historical reenactments, photographic exhibitions, documentary films and cultural exchanges linked to the legacy of the explorer;
  • Acknowledgement of a privilege status, in terms of bilateral relations, to the identified locations;


  • Remapping of the explorer's original itinerary both in the destination territory and in his native places in Italy;
  • Transformation of itineraries into tours, in collaboration with national tourism boards, territorial institutions, tour operators and local associations;
  • Launch and sale of products or businesses inspired by the places, deeds and personality of the explorer;


  • Identification of the economic excellences and talents of the explorer's home territory, as well as of the foreign territories he visited;
  • Launch of a commercial brand to recognize and guarantee products related to the history of the explorer, with a share of the revenues reserved for investments for the promotion of the territory and the "Casa degli Esploratori" project;
  • Organization of workshops and events to promote the selected typical products, with the possibility of visiting the production and craft spaces;
  • Development of local "Made In" through training and apprenticeship workshops;


  • Courses of exploration pedagogy and cultural intermediation;
  • Courses of exploration philosophy, focused on developing lateral thinking skills and creative approaches;
  • Courses of exploration history and commercial geography;
  • Courses of journalism, photography and documentary reportage;
  • Courses of comics, drawing, watercolor and applied arts;


  1. the project works for the creation of a collaborative network that allows to take advantage of different skills and professionalism free of charge, thanks to which developing an innovative economic-management model, as well as contributing to the invitation to tender, or calls, useful for financing activities of its members, in relation to the purposes of the Explorers House;
  2. the collaborative network can be structured in a steering committee which, through meetings and / or periodic communications of its members (both physical and remote), informs all partners of the projects to be developed and requests their possible involvement, from time to time with request of patronage;
  3. the projects of the Casa degli Esploratori (Explorers House) can be financed with proceeds from the Cultural Association Gaetano Osculati, public funds, private sponsorships, provision of own resources which is usufruct of sites related to the collaboration network (eg revenues from merchandising / branding / royalties ...) , being organized throughout the national or even international territory, depending on the developed theme;
  4. the reporting of projects is always shared with the subscribers and provides for the possible coverage of the initiative costs and remuneration of the involved professionals, according to the financing methods indicated above and with allocation by a collegially chosen lead contact;
  5. the communications of the "Casa degli Esploratori" (Explorers House), as regards joint activities, are formalized by the steering committee through press releases and / or posters, while any production of content, historical insights or training courses are delegated to the identified competent figures, as well as to the dissemination channels of the platform (blogs / columns / digital or printed publications);


the platform "Casa degli Esploratori" (Explorers House), thanks to the contribution of all its members, develops an innovative economic model based on the enhancement of the history of Italian exploration, with the aim of encouraging collaboration, material and spiritual growth of peoples, as well as their peaceful coexistence.

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